Peaceful Moments by Sharon Rae

Certified & Licensed Massage Therapist


Sharon Rae has saved my life on several occasions when my back went out. She is so caring and gives the best massage I have ever had. If not for Sharon I would have had to cancel my vacation to Maui.

Leigh B.  


Sharon is great! She is so accommodating and caring. She is truly concerned about one’s wellbeing and is extremely knowledgeable about physiology and massage.  A true expert in her field!

Kathy W. 


The pregnancy massage that you gave me was wonderful! You completely understood my problem areas and concerns. (The special pillow was GREAT!) As every pregnant woman knows if you tell your doctor that your back or hips hurt you are told to just deal with it; it’s normal when you are pregnant.  But you were able to make me feel much better.
Beth B.
Paso Robles


Sharon is truly the best massage therapist I have ever been to! She will adjust the treatment and/or pressure applied to your liking and to address your current needs. I have had wonderful results from her deep tissue massages - release of toxins, etc. - with just some of the benefits being clearer thinking, more restful sleeping and ultimately more energy. I would definitely recommend you see for yourself!

Maggie B.


After sevral trips to the chiropractor failed to relieve a sharp pinpoint pain in my lower right back, I decided to try massage therapy with Sharon Rae. After one session, the pain was relieved. I am extremely happy with the results as well as the level of competency and professionalism Sharon Rae provided. I have recommended Sharon Rae to many of my friends and will continue to be a loyal client.

Michelle P.
San Luis Obispo

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